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      Bodeman Seal Components Co., Ltd. located at Sanqiao Ind.Zone, Oubei town which is famous for pump and valve in Wenzhou city, is a sealing manufacturer integrating design, production and sales.

      Today following the booming economic development, we always regard creating excellent quality as our duty, take satisfying users as our target and aim at faithfulness and keeping promise. In the commercial sea, we have enjoyed high reputation among mass of users through continuous development.

      For an enterprise, development is a gospel truth.Achievements of yesterday have passed. Today we are involving in development, innovation to meet the demands of users with perfect products as same as before.

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      Add: Sanqiao Ind. Zone, Oubei, Wenzhou  PC:325105  Tel:86-0577-67319222 67312888  Fax:86-0577-67319099
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