Saturday, 12 March 2016

Beautiful Visiting Place In Australia Great Barrier Reef

A Beautiful Place surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans Is Called Australia. There Is 23.13 Million Population And many Beautiful Places Like Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, the vast Outback. Great Barrier Reef Is One Of The Most Beautiful Visiting Place In Australia In Other Words Great Barrier Reef Is A Fame Of Australia. 
Great Barrier Reef Has 132,974 mi² Area. There Is a World Of Beauty In It. There Are Thousands Of  Molluscs, Colorful Fish, And Starfish, Dolphins, Plus Turtles And Sharks And Many Other Beautiful Sea Animals.It is The largest Coral Reef System Of World. 

Great Barrier Reef Is World’s Most Extensive And Beautiful Coral Reef Ecosystem. Within the GBR there area Unit Some Two,500 Individual Reefs Of Variable Sizes And Shapes, And Over 900 Beautiful islands, starting from Tiny Sandy Cays And Bigger Vegetated Cays, To Giant Rugged Continental Islands Rising,In One Instance, Over 1,100 Metres On Top Of Water Level. People Love To Stay Here.One Beautiful Place For Keep Fresh The Mind. 

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