Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Water found on Mars

London: In addition to the water beneath the surface of our neighboring planet Mars, the possibility of the presence of signs of life were more likely to be.

The new analysis comes amid Rover Discovery kyurasty. Until now, scientists believed that the red planet's weather is very cold and there is a possibility of the presence of liquid water is negligible, but they can be frozen.

However, on the surface of Mars Brian water or liquid salts which are very high, discover and prove the presence of salt in the snow is frozen. During this analysis proved that the winter temperature and humidity levels during the night it is far enough for liquid water to form.

Investigators of the University of Copenhagen and in kyurasty Rover Madison Morton smell the spongy surface of Mars and we can see inside the juice is added salts with the passage of time and now he is in liquid form can move within that level.

Although scientists believe liquid water is essential for life, but Mars is empty several reasons, including very cold and very dry weather to be significant

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