Monday, 20 April 2015

Kim Jong-un has Scaled the Nation's Most Astounding Mountain

North Korean pioneer Kim Jong-un has scaled the nation's most astounding mountain, state-run media said, touching base at the summit to tell troops that the trek gives mental vitality more effective than atomic weapons.Just a week ago the administration demanded Kim could drive when he was three years of age, while his late father Kim Jong-il said he had scored a unimaginable 11 gaps in-one the first occasion when he ever played golf.The story is the most recent run by state media on the deeds of the Kim line, which has ruled for over six decades with an iron clench hand and pervasive identity cult.The 2,750m crest of the volcanic mountain, lying on the outskirt with China, is viewed as a sacrosanct place in Korean fables and assumes a focal part in the publicity commending the Kim gang.

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