Sunday, 22 March 2015

Reality Of India

Bangalore: obviously seem to coordinate both India and the US, however in actuality is the position of Indians in the US uncovered that the US organization has discharged another report.

National Foundation for American Policy report by the US Indian visa application dismissal rate is especially high contrasted with different nations around the globe, subjects are given noteworthy significance is.

As indicated by the report, the L-1B visa applications from Indian subjects for around 56 percent are rejected, while whatever remains of the nations contrasted with a normal 13 percent of uses were rejected. L-1B visas to nonnatives with unique abilities or training, which is given for a particular period under the US fight development can be utilized.

After reports surfaced that the Indian powers have unleashed a wave of concern And consider what is being asked of America

Regardless of affirmations that the abundance of fellowship to its residents why it is being rejected in a number

Since 2012, more than 2014 Indian residents by 25296 L-1B visa petitions 14104 which was connected, ie 56 percent, were denied. Not at all like the subjects of China and Mexico declined just about 21% of appeals, roughly 16% of UK natives 15% of the Japanese and German solicitations were rejected.

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