Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Air Defence System Failed

JERUSALEM: Israel's large mythical monster defense system performance details on the Zionist army was deeply involved by the massive price of the Israeli Air Force's new defense system "Iron Dome" that is created potency worries with the Israeli army. Israeli Air Force Major General aycl The Iron Dome, Israel has didn't defend the Palestinian rockets, whereas in 3245 solely through the system 558 can be prevented. it's additionally been aforementioned concerning it whereas the system may be a burden on the national treasury.
He further that if the Palestinians within the occupied Palestinian rocket attacks in 1948, the system won't work there. The Iron Dome defense of Palestinian rocket attacks, however was developed from the angle of the Zionist state didn't give any quite protection. General aycl that partly acknowledged the Iron Dome defense of the Palestinian rocket attacks, however they need fully didn't stop.

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