Wednesday, 11 March 2015

5.1 lollipop By Google

Update Motorola and HTC Nexus Nexus 6 shortly once 9-compliant devices are on the market for all.
Google compliant devices to formally launch humanoid five.1 has lolly pop. Android 5.1 lolly pop obvious that the primary Motorola and HTC Nexus Nexus 6 to nine are on the market, the quantity of others can come back shortly.
Android 5.1 has superimposed many new options lolly pop. HD Voice support new options, together with support for device protection and therefore the SIM card. looking out has conjointly been improved.
Android 5.1 lollipop at the primary reports emerged last month once the humanoid five.1 humanoid lolly get in one in all the reports came to be.
Lolly pop over Bluetooth in humanoid five.1 options are superimposed, too. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will be connected to the fast Setting

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