Thursday, 5 February 2015

USA Mosque For Ladies

New York: yank Muslims have opened doors of the masjid reserved for girls. placed in la within the Muslim Public Affairs Council idana lekuvich leading the primary prayer. in keeping with a report dedicated to the centennial of the multi-faith prayer space, Pico Union is formed. Basically, Pico Union, the house of worship however currently a masjid for Muslim girls Associate in Nursingd different Jewish and Christian teams is employed as an Tabernacle. Meanwhile, Eddie lekuvich address the one hundred fifty girls worshipers aforesaid "We have a responsibility and a right religion. pictures of prayer within the masjid to be paid later shared on Facebook likes are excluded to this point is 853. Muznavi a decent film maker told reporters that many generations of girls in Muslim history area unit specific places and there area unit still places in China .

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