Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Successful 'Fajr satellite' By Iran

Tehran: Iran to witness the dawn of the satellite is shipped into area. Iranian President Hassan Rohani aforementioned he ordered the satellite mission itself and therefore the 'dawn' of the satellite into orbit safely have confirmed.
Iran's Arabic-language channel Al-Alam, in keeping with a satellite 450 kilometers on top of the surface was put in. Since 2012, Iran has sent the primary satellite. Iran between 2009 and 2012, 3 alternative satellites were launched.
Iran's official agency aforementioned the satellite 'dawn' and it's homespun rockets or launchers. President says his country spiritually foreign technology doesn't think about any. He said, "Our scientific area exploration and conquest that have entered a replacement part.
we are going to still follow this path, in keeping with Al-Alam tv  'Fajr' satellite consideration fifty two kilogram and correct pictures of the planet from area can take. in keeping with official media solely eight minutes to achieve orbit satellite, and currently it's integrated with controllers on Earth.
 Iran satellite 'dawn' is launched at a time once the country's thirty sixth day of remembrance of the Moslem Revolution Preparations square measure fully swing. The ten-day pageant are celebrated on February eleven purpose rise within the US-backed overthrow of the Shah's tour party are celebrated every year at this point. Iran February eleven, V-day "is celebrated.
Iran's Defense Minister information. Hussein peasants hmnuayy is additionally the president of the religious. He said, "21 meters high and consideration twenty six tons satellite, that has been named Ambassador of dawn, Iran expresses capabilities

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