Monday, 2 February 2015

Obama,s Speech After Indian Tour

Beijing between national capital and Washington shouldn't be a tangle, the America president Interview
WASHINGTON: America President Barack Obama same once a visit to Bharat is China's reaction shocked. national capital relationship between national capital and Washington ought to be no danger.US President Barack Obama in associate interview with America broadcaster same higher relations between the America and Bharat to China square measure shocked reservations
China higher coordination between the 2 countries in varied comes and partnerships shouldn't feel vulnerable
He same the seven-day visit to China on November writer told in clear terms
That he met his Chinese counterpart sure-fire. US-China region within the interest of peaceful relations, however China's development shouldn't have an effect on the interests of others
Vietnam or Philippines maritime problems or issues to resolve them peacefully ought to attempt to check that we've a constructive relationship with China

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