Monday, 2 February 2015

Earning And User Report Of Facebook

Statistics for the fourth quarter yielded fascinating information
Facebook same its fourth-quarter figures are revealed, in step with Facebook's fourth-quarter revenue was $ three.85 billion and three.77 billion bucks was calculable. Facebook is all-year revenue of $ twelve.47 billion. Full-year profit to $ a pair of.94 billion. Earning Per Share zero.54 million bucks was calculable at $ zero.48. the quantity of monthly active users on Facebook, while 1.39 billion was calculable to be one.38 billion. This figure was one.35 billion within the third quarter. With the quantity of monthly active users of Facebook in China's one,357 billion (2013) soared.
Facebook has 890 million daily active users. There area unit 745 million individuals daily log from mobile. Monthly 1.19 billion individuals area unit mobilized to Mobile

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