Monday, 16 February 2015

CIA secretly bought chemical weapons

During the Asian country war, the Central Intelligence Agency on the Q.T. bought chemical weapons New York: a replacement report has discovered that the CIA's secret war arrange purchased weapons.
US newspaper The the big apple Times when analysis by former intelligence officers have printed a report, that reports the U.S. military rivals were engaged in armed clashes Central Intelligence Agency had on the Q.T. been in search of chemical weapons.
The Central Intelligence Agency was able to reach someone at the start and bit by bit several albraq rocket rocket sold  to U.S. intelligence. Chemical substances contained GB rockets albraq regime developed within the nineteen hundred and eighty-Iran war and used against the Kurds.
Consistent with a former agent from 2005 vi four hundred rockets get divan Central Intelligence Agency destroyed, however the identity of the vendor and therefore the quantity paid failed to fathom. Central Intelligence Agency scheme was to prevent weapons falling into the hands of enemies
Taking advantage of an equivalent chemical sellers lime applied to the Central Intelligence Agency and occasionally has brought even while not chemical rockets. consistent with former officers of the Central Intelligence Agency threatening a truck loaded with rockets that they're going to not perish, it'll offer fighters

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