Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bombed On ISIS Positions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the inflexible militant cluster Islamic fighters in Al-Iraq and Syrian Arab Republic (ISIS) and also the positions they need reached the Jordan came back safely when the mission. UAE's F-sixteen squadrons of fighter jets sent to Jordan. UAE on Sat WAM agency aforementioned in an exceedingly statement discharged by the 'fighter planes attacked on each level with Jordan reflects the unwavering support and commonness '.
UAE maazalksasbh pilot surety when the brutal assassination at the hands of Iraqi commonness as their fighter planes square measure sent to Jordan
He additionally pink-slipped Western media reports have aforementioned that the UAE when the killing of Jordanian pilot stopped the attack against Islamic Republic of Iran square measure.
WAM aforementioned in its report, the UAE and also the US-led campaign against Al-Iraq in support of the Jordanian army sent his plane. A unpitying terrorist group through aggressive crimes against spiritual and human values, and also the world has shown its ugly face. '
The Jordan and also the UAE, the Gulf Arab countries, together with 5 within the evening against Iraqi fighters square measure collaborating in US-led air campaign. the opposite 3 countries, Asian nation, Bahrain and Qatar and their combat craft since Sep 2014 attacks on Iraqi targets square measure

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