Saturday, 7 February 2015

Aircraft Rescue in North Iraq

US Army throughout the war against Irak crashed pilots of the craft rescue and lift his special craft and crews have touched to northern Iraq.
A North American country defense official confirmed the very fact that he transferred a number of his assets are within the northern region of Al-Iraq '. the aim of this initiative command in Islamic Republic of Iran down craft pilots as attainable to hit least in order that they trained hands will be touched to a secure location before.
The move by the U. S. Army Al-Iraq captive to Jordan on Tues when the brutal assassination of alksasbh is encircled pilot. Earlier, the North American country military search and rescue personnel were deployed in Kuwait and North American country officers warned Wed that Jordanian army pilot alive when the unfortunate incident of the burning craft rescue and evacuation nighest to the specialists having reviewed.
like plane is flying. The campaign against Irak  Jordan on December twenty four of the solfa syllable was sixteen fighter jet crashed in Syrian Arab Republic and Iraq alksasbh fighters encircled the pilot was taken captive.
The 10 days a month when the pilot captive for 3 days before it had been burned alive in an exceedingly cage. North American country President Barack Obama's tragic death Jordanian pilot aforementioned he make up my mind to defeat international coalition in Al-Iraq has exaggerated.
US air campaign against Al-Iraq and Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Arab Republic is taking part in a leadership role and over eighty % of its fighter jets attacked air. eight August 2014 in Al-Iraq, the u.  s. launched air strikes against Al-Iraq campaign with the standard Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, European nation and also the UK plane positions also are trained within the evening Saudi Arabia, Jordan and also the United Arab Emirates ar offensive jets

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