Sunday, 18 January 2015

World War III has begun Hackers message

WASHINGTON: America President Barack Obama's announcement to tighten cyber security hackers few days later, the noted yank newspaper ny Post and United Press International agency there to hack Twitter accounts between China and also the us onset of Action and also the accumulation War has pretend news. Hackers agency accounts freed from CPI free by the Pope quoted a pretend message that warfare III has begun. ny Post's Twitter account broadcast pretend news concerning the fighting within the us and China in recent days, the U.S. agencies and personal corporations hackers to hack accounts has dismayed the planet.
Separately, the America military command simply four days once the safety violation newspaper corporations have free access to the account. Britain CPI confirmed during a statement that his Twitter account was hacked and news web site Gaia six pretend Twitter account headline CPI were issued for different forms associated with the America central bank Bank.
New York Post free on account of the pretend news that America ship USS Washington with China within the South China ocean is engaged. Pentagon officers aforementioned the news isn't true of tension with China all tweets are deleted. The ny Post aforementioned the analysis associated with the Twitter account is hacked. America military commander WHO had claimed to hack the account that teams active in Asian country and Asian nation in Gregorian calendar month in support of Syrian hackers to steal tip of users of Sony image was free on the web

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