Friday, 23 January 2015

Samsung Galaxy S Six Phone with 2 edge screen

New York: The New Generation Samsung Galaxy smartphone has determined to introduce many new options in conjunction with robust options.
Six of the Samsung Galaxy S. The model is being introduced within the March-to-edge screen, which provides it a brand new hunt for you
But additionally in terms of its strength, with all models offered within the market ahead.
According to reports, the 5.5-inch screen with probably two to five March, the smartphone at Mobile World Congress in city is introduced.
Elbow screen technology Samsung Galaxy Note Edge model is already being employed, however the highlight of Six is that it's being created on each side of this feature
Customize the user will use it right or left aspect.
User to special color to your favorite contacts are going to be expedited through the elbow screen are going to be contacted.
Introduced in March, once the mobile available is probably going to be conferred in April and can value an equivalent time

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