Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Russia and Iran defense contract

Tehran: Persia defense treaty with Russia has been, underneath contract to the U.S. intervention in national capital and Tehran can provide the joint response. Russian Defense Minister Sergei with Persia on weekday signed Associate in Nursing agreement on military cooperation. Russian Minister of Defense from 2002 badayran the primary visit. The agreement was signed at a time once each countries face Western sanctions.
According to the web site of the Iranian Ministry of Defense joint exercises and preparation underneath contract with the institution of peace, security and stability, regional and international cooperation to keep up and separatism, and political orientation from competitory along is enclosed.
Dehqan Defense Minister Hussein told state TV that Persia and Russia additionally reviewed the U.S. international strategy which has U.S. intervention in regional and international affairs, foreign military intervention within the region to fight the cooperation the necessity is mentioned. Iran's Defense Ministry says the 2 countries on the problem of S-300 missiles is mentioned.
Russia has forever been to produce arms to Persia, however their relations became strained at the time once national capital obligatory sanctions on Tehran's nuclear program, the S-300 missiles to Persia thanks to the availability contract was canceled. when termination of the agreement Persia from Russia for $ eighty million when cancellation of the contract demand compensation from national capital took a $ four billion.
The Ukraine on the problem of economic sanctions on Russia when national capital government has been more improved its relations with Persia. each Persia and Russia. and also the support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is facing each Western sanctions

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