Tuesday, 27 January 2015

President Obama In Saudi Arabia For Condolences

Riyadh: Asian nation, the late U.S.A. President Barack Obama expressed his condolences to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz arrived in Riyadh on weekday. They conjointly associate with a thirty-member delegation and Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Shah letter of the alphabet can meet.
 The White House issued an announcement on behalf of the political party politician and former Secretary of State James Baker and former U.S.A. presidents Saint George HW Bush and Ford National Security consultant brant goose able to craft, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former President Saint George W Bush , his National security adviser author Hadley and Republican legislator John McCain are enclosed within the delegation with President Obama.
 U.S.A. Secretary of State John Kerry, John Brennan, director of the independent agency, the National Security adviser Susan Rice and lysamunaku hyn.sah conjointly a part of the delegation of the President Abdullah last Fri once a short malady had succumbed to the injuries. Salman Shah took his place. Earlier, Salman Shah, President Obama telephoned King Abdullah expressed his condolences over the death of a three-day visit to Republic of India. He later affected to Asian nation.
The White House aforementioned a memorial to the late King Abdullah created a brave and righteous leader tha.amryky Secretary John Kerry aforementioned the u.  s. over the death of an addict WHO has lost knowledge and vision. Arab and Muslim world leaders attended the ceremony of King Abdullah and alternative Western countries ummlkt sizable amount of heads of state arrived in Riyadh on weekends and that they Salman Shah, prince bin Abdulaziz conferences with Muqarrin expressed condolences on the death of the king, and appreciated their services in regional and world politics, and he was honored

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