Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year New Gift

Buenos Aires: Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez on national holiday Eve special message to the state nonappointive a novel theme. Cristina Fernandez at the national airline of the year by ever-changing the policy to passengers traveling with little dogs carry their allowed
And authorization by the govt. for the national holiday gift is being created. President Fernandez of the social networking website Facebook announce an image of her on my special page within which the Presidency, Associate in Nursing craft traveling on little dog Canis familiaris beautiful Twi is additionally shown.
 when the announcement in time period with the soul are going to be ready to take little dog. He wrote during a transient statement announce on Facebook, "warned simply keep with little dog. With one mast dog mustn't be within the plane whose weight is fifty kilograms. I weighed solely 2 pounds, that is jeune fille. "President Fernandez's dog announce an image on Facebook with thirty six thousand folks have liked

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