Saturday, 10 January 2015

Maithripala sri sena Is the New Presedent Of Sri Lanka Now

Colombo: Sri Lanka's historic presidential election, the hard-won Maithripala sri sena frost. per fifty one.2 % within the last election, whereas his opponent, former President Rajapakse had received forty seven.5 % of the vote. With the continued Sri Lankan government within the last 10 years has been eliminated. The new president takes the oath will Tonight.
Sri Lanka's president proclaimed early elections within the country and therefore the audience was unbroken
The third time are the country's president clear lead, however his opponent has shocked everybody...
Former President Rajapakse's election opponent on the front fringe of the clear recognition has accepted defeat.
The freshly elective  President of land distributed principally Are . a farmer has the support of the opposition

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