Tuesday, 13 January 2015

French Magazine Published A Blasphemous Another sketch

Paris was attacked last week, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo 'on the quilt of successive issue, the media continuing to punish the insult illustration allegedly insulting the image, all was forgiven,' writes. Re blasphemous caricatures perceptive shock at the news of the attack on the Muslims raises concern.
The British newspaper the massacre last week within the wake of the attack has discharged the French media has been Catch Home page. Distributors say that thirty million copies of the magazine's next issue are going to be on the market within the market shortly.
Stated that typically a difficulty of this magazine area unit quite sixty thousand copies of the magazine administration says that this point round the world has enlarged its demand.
Office attack survivors within the latest issue of the French daily Liberation, engaging from the workplace. Charlie aybdu noted within the attack that killed 5 cartoonists as well as mygzn editor.
Aybdu Charlie's professional says he won't surrender, "I'm Charlie freedom suggests that everything is'.
After the attacks in France nearly 10 thousand troops are deployed across the capital on Sunday Unity Rally was control in Paris, that was attended by roughly thirty million individuals.
The anxiety and worry of attacks owing to many international newspapers as well as The New York Times, CNN and Charlie hybdu opposition business enterprise a replacement title

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