Sunday, 4 January 2015

FBI Surveillance FBI

New York: yank intelligence bureau  Federal Investigation (FBI) began to be vulnerable by their own personnel and police work of foreign staff began to the touch.
 America newspaper The the big apple Times, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is watching all personnel UN agency were born in alternative countries or are to bear with people living there.
The program was launched with 9 Eleven, however its scope has been expanded
 and much over cardinal are watching personnel UN agency have access to classified data,
Tests are for personnel, phone calls, e-mails and contacts are monitored, whereas officers limit access to confidential and sensitive data is restricted.
According to the report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents UN agency speak alternative languages to begin watching this worry that they are doing not make up the hands of extremists and also the intelligence agencies to
 data on the computer program on scrutiny by Angry personnel ar owing to be free.
Some officers say the program discriminated against attributable to his relationship together with his relatives ar forced to abandon his career and is additionally a bias

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