Saturday, 31 January 2015

Best Facilities To Saudi Arabia By Their King

RIYADH: Saudi blue blood Salman Bin Abdul Aziz government staff adequate to 2 months' additional pay generous bonuses and alternative payments are proclaimed. Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi King for civil servants adequate to 2 months' additional pay generous bonuses and alternative payments are proclaimed. The beneficiaries of this announcement, together with scholars and retired government employees
Salman bin Abdul Aziz sovereign has ordered the military and civil authorities, together with basic salaries of state staff to be paid instantly. conjointly among the country and out of doors the Saudi students have paid a payment of 2 monthly advantages, social welfare funds pay money for 2 months, similarly as payments to disabled voters, connected to the Saudi Ministry of Social Affairs overall charities be paid associate quantity of 2 billion riyals.
Cooperative Societies Council and conjointly 200 million Saudi riyals, whereas associations of execs transferred amounts to 10 million rials. This royal decree, operating within the education sector within the field of clubs and sports clubs to activity 10 million rial was ordered to be paid with the nice performance of sports clubs conjointly 5 million riyals payments are going to be created. in line with Royal Decree fields of water and electricity services are going to be paid an extra add of twenty billion riyals. Fourteen billion riyals within the provide of electricity and facility for 6 billion riyals Salman bin Abdul Aziz sovereign are discounts for all prisoners United Nations agency proclaimed the results of shortcomings publically affairs, serving imprisonment is.
The inmates waive penalties of up to 5 million riyals being enclosed in these foreign prisoners are going to be deported once unharness and can not be allowed to return back to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. additionally to those exciting announcements to the general public in an exceedingly tweet message Salman sovereign said: "Dear voters, than it's your right, I proclaimed that it's not enough." I pray to God that they Salman sovereign God granted faith and community service, he appealed to the individuals to wish for myself

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