Saturday, 17 January 2015

Attention! Android Users

Android's biggest bug came out  over one billion beneath automaton Phone and pill risk
Because of this error on any application of net users is also conscious of the activities.
Android discovered a replacement error-anticipated automaton phone and pill over a billion is in danger. This error version of automaton four.4 (Kit Kat) can have an effect on earlier versions.
Joe Vennix and Rafay Baloch in Pakistan this error was discovered.
 This error was discovered in Android's WebView. thanks to this, any application, with none different application, the user is also conscious of net activity. will be a giant drawback as a result of none of the data you'll check not solely from anyplace however I can have sex.
Android Kit qat and later versions aren't plagued by this error as a result of the version of the Kit qat in shower rather than WebKit for Blink WebView is employed as a part of the automaton open computer program. automaton re-creation of Chrome browser additionally has modified.
Google to counter the danger for users of older versions weren't introduced any special screws,
 However, if users place automaton applications programme exploitation the browser and notable corporations use the applying in order that risk may be avoided

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