Friday, 30 January 2015

Amazing Entry Of A Man In News Channel

Amsterdam: Hilversum within the Kingdom of The Netherlands armed man entered the studio of TV channel
And is hard to please that it's live coverage on TV scenes once the police straight off hurried to the spot and inactive him.
According to foreign news organisation Dutch TV channel 'NOS 'a man wearing a shut up  coat once it had been time for a document was being broadcast live,
Rolleyes youth TV channel workplace before getting into the studio once the surety and demanded that he was young at the time to be webcast. per the director of TV channel gunman black suit, white shirt and black tie was tied
The channel's coverage is suspended by the police reached the spot and inactive the suspect Studio
Police inactive the suspect, 19-year-old chemistry student activist World Health Organization exposed the key service entered the building and administration began to demand that the suspect vulnerable
In different areas of the country that planted explosives and if it had been not lined directly, they'll explode

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