Sunday, 4 January 2015

170 People,s kidnapped By ISIS

BAGHDAD: Asian nation's western town of urban center in northern Iraq fighters burned the flags of the 2 cities began prdaua and there square measure a hundred and seventy folks took abducted.
Iraqi military intelligence commissioned military officer aforementioned that the Iraqi town of urban center alhuyjh fighters and al-Ghareeb's alsjrh cities stormed and burned the flags of the two hundred folks on suspicion of Pune square measure taken surety.
Iraqi official aforementioned thirty Iraqi troopers in vehicles attacked 2 cities and a hundred and seventy folks surety and place them within the cars took the alhuyjh.
Kirkuk governor of a second official witnesses told AFP press agency that militants warned the voters of the cities that were concerned within the burning of the flag of Asian nation caliphate his fork over fifteen wished men.
Advertising from the Iraqi folks were according to own been appropriated and two-handed over their fighters stormed 2 colonies bust into the homes of men and young boys were carrying.
A native resident told the local folks of the Syrian flag was burned down
The Iraqi armed parts stormed the colony and also the colony when the blockade began looking out the house and took an outsized range of men and young men.
Iraqi fighters have taken all the folks in alhuyjh jail and court, wherever he has set.

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