Thursday, 4 December 2014

You Tube Counter Failed

YouTube may be a standard video web site, has associate degree higher than however that's additionally a video He has seen that numerous times that eventually complete up investigating YouTube web site for this video would need to modification its investigating system.
Seoul breaking all records of recognition this "gang damp style" created another record. Was announce on the web so the investigating was finished singing. Connect administration might have to update the info.
Connect issued by a recent statement that he had ne'er imaginary that i'd be seen as a video to count the quantity of thirty two bit numbers had been, that gangnam video got enough to count guests.
This is the primary video in YouTube history that has seen quite 2 billion YouTube administration thus had to upgrade their numbers so additional folks will get pleasure from standard songs once the statement was issued I had seen him a pair of,147,483,647. connect with resolve the problem raised during this coma numbers area unit deleted price larger than the quantity which might be hold on. This video was free in 2012 however still has vast quality.
Apparently the gang dam vogue singer Psy area unit frightened of the recognition of your web site. PSy in a very America tv interview that the person singing them dampish gang invited to the concert from several countries to different countries, however currently they're going to not gangnam concert

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