Monday, 22 December 2014

Welcome Of Arab League

Cairo: world organization executive Nabil al-Arabi, Qatar and Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Egypt's efforts to welcome the peace deal between the 2 countries and also the mutual development of relations the new era can begin.
Arab League mediation of Egypt and Qatar welcome.
According to Arab TV during a statement Dr. Nabil al-Arabi anger among the Arab countries to the reconciliation of alphabetic character role in politics. The Rome Statute of the world organization, the Organization of eight links and cooperation between member states were urged to strengthen disfunction.
 He expressed the hope that Qatar and Egypt junction rectifier to the implementation of the agreement would take action all told fields. Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz believes that special efforts between Qatar and Egypt peace was signed 2 days agone. Arab countries, below the mediation of King Abdullah welcome the reconciliation between the 2 countries has been

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