Sunday, 14 December 2014

Warning To Taliban By Afghan President

Warning To Taliban By Afghan President..
KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani aforesaid that religious movement attacks won't be tolerated concerning the students and social group leaders asked to play their half.
According to foreign news organisation ceremony in Kabul, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani aforesaid that the religious movement won't be tolerated any further attacks, these attacks area unit against sharia and humanity in the least.
He says that we should always raise our voice against these attacks, particularly clerics, social group elders and members of civil society, Afghan voters say they recognize the proper or to such attacks them .Afgan be borne President aforesaid that it absolutely was the fault of the youngsters World Health Organization were enjoying in Paktika volleyball match,
Now the community has got to say clearly that it'll be, the additional they're going to not be accepted below any circumstances. Islamic State of Afghanistan is that the last five thousand years over future five years can continue
Forcibly that no-one will break it throughout the previous few weeks have stepped up attacks in Islamic State of Afghanistan and most of those attacks target Afghan security forces and world organisation forces being

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