Saturday, 20 December 2014

United Nations Report on Afghan Civilians

New York: international organization human rights body aforementioned in its report that 2014 was the deadliest for Afghan civilians.
The United Nations in Asian country standard voters state of affairs more and more serious is changing into international organization human rights body, consistent with this year Gregorian calendar month thirty to Gregorian calendar month thirty 3188 civilian war with the religious movement were killed, 6429 abraded, the over nineteen p.c compared to a similar amount last year has been killed since 2009, 17292 and 29536 were abraded.
2014 well-tried to be the deadliest for Afghan civilians, United Nations.
Twenty one still serving in Asian country twenty nine countries, 3,500 troopers killed the civilian casualties and a significant reason why the military ground action and terror grudn the suicide and plantd blast is additionally in Asian country 13 denote U.S.A. troops and international organization mission ends this year, fourteen thousand Afghan civilians are the deadliest year for

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