Monday, 22 December 2014

U S A Declared About Mullah Omar

US has aforementioned that religious movement leader Mullah Omar and once it doesn't create an immediate threat to the u.  s. next year in Gregorian calendar month, the U.S. group action against Islamic State of Afghanistan wouldn't. U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon, flag officer John Kirby told a press conference in Washington that doesn't mean the u.  s. as a member of the religious movement based mostly solely create their operations.
 However, he explained that the battle won't be left to them. Kirby aforementioned Rear Adm. we have a tendency to additionally agree that the religious movement members WHO additionally takes action against U.S. or our Afghan counterparts, they are available at intervals the scope of our action. North {american country|North American nation} President Barack Obama last Friday's closing press conference of the year assured the American those that the top of the 2014 US-led war in Islamic State of Afghanistan committed thereto.
 Obama aforementioned that in but period for over thirteen years in our mission in Islamic State of Afghanistan can finish. however U.S. President Barack Obama to become an immediate threat to U.S. or Afghan forces to become an excellent threat to our forces just in case of group action against permitting full.
Pentagon reporters throughout an appointment by design to any the policy of the U.S. has asked the U.S. forces within the past can chase once 2014. Mullah Omar?
Mullah Omar, the Afghan head of state from 1996 to 2001 and in 2001 the U.S. had them expelled.
 Reporters asked whether or not Mullah Omar and also the others within the list of measures taken within the past shall not be questioned. I don't grasp whether or not i will be {able to|i'll} be able to answer this question, recognized because the leader of the religious movement, as they still area unit a threat to U.S. and our allies against the continued  U.S. group action was
 the easy answer to the current question won't be ready to additional. Giving the Pentagon voice aforementioned that the U.S. policy in Islamic State of Afghanistan once July can amendment. however since Gregorian calendar month, he are radical changes in policy and to be a member of the religious movement won't target anyone.
Confirmed the toilet Kirby told them, 'This is true even become an immediate threat to U.S.

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