Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Syrian army deserter General Assad give the country to sell Iran suspect

start focused. General Manaf tlas newspaper revealed an editorial within the Wall Street Journal wrote that '' Assad ever and at any time isn't serious and credible reforms and instead to power desolated country has been ''. France-based dissident General same, "Assad same Syria Iranians sale '. during this article the eighteen Gregorian calendar month 2012 bombings within the Syrian capital Damascus is highlighted. Assef Shawkat, Assad's brother in these blasts killed four senior officers .he during this article conjointly unconcealed that the bombing was the work of the inner circles in order that the Syrian opposition voices suppressed inside be introduced. Among the officers within the bombing of the evening, former and current officers, opposition leaders, activists and rebels were killed. Munaf tlas told the newspaper that Assef Shawkat, were among those officers United Nations agency were known as on Assad peaceful protesters and armed rebels to barter and adopt rigorous policy. It Munaf tlas Gregorian calendar month 2012 bombings in Damascus period agone and he was left with Assad in Damascus, the choice out of his workplace when explosives were planted six explosive guards flanked hold devices were defused. when they defected troopers and fighters of the rebel army business firm, however weren't enclosed in relevance France and from there visited Damascus sometimes raised his voice against transphobia stay.

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