Monday, 29 December 2014

Symbol of Ramadan and Eid in Medina Sound Cannons

After many years in Medina, Saudi Arabia's holy month of Ramadan and Eid historical "sound cannons" proclaimed the come back of:
Jeddah: Saudi Arabian government when an opportunity of many years in Medina Ramadan and Eid image of the historical monument "sound cannons" proclaimed the come back. Sound cannons historic year (1436 AH) throughout the holy month of Ramadan once more, Eid and Sehar and Iftar are used for announcements.
The Medina in Saudi holy month for hundreds of years been wont to announce Interior Minister aristocrat Mahomet bin Nayef cannon determined to come back bin Abdul Aziz and aristocrat male monarch bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Medina to the consultation.
The idea sound cannons employed in the Medina may be a centuries-old tradition. underneath this tradition, the crescent moon of Ramadan when asserting it had cannons discharged many shells. Sehar and Iftar time a shell is discharged.
 Dr. tnyzyb alfaydy reprimand you on Wednesday hailed the come back of cannons.
He returns cannons ahalyan Medina forgotten reminiscences are contemporary once more. Dr. alfaydy The sound of cannon, not a historical monument to the residents of Medina may be a suggests that of sharing joy and happiness and ahalyan Medina per annum on the occasion of the holy month area unit left awaiting the sound of cannons. when a niche of many years, the cannon may be a welcome come back

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