Thursday, 18 December 2014

Responsible of Tragedy Of Peshawar According to Pervez Musharraf

The tragedy of West Pakistan Pervez Musharraf declared the United States, that says that the us ought to admit the Taleban were organized, is that the results of wrong policies of metropolis in West Pakistan.
In associate interview with United States TV station CNN, former President info Pervez Musharraf has aforementioned that it's a tragedy that the us didn't acknowledge his mistake, the us and its allies in Islamic State of Afghanistan ought to admit failure,
Peshawar college attack the matter, however no error or wrong could be a continuation people policies, aforementioned the last fifteen years in Islamic State of Afghanistan and Pakistan's social group agencies, that are
All this happened, that he was weak in these areas judicial writ of encouraging the Taleban,
in these areas, that had been weak judicial writ of encouraging the Taleban,
He was active once more and that they have organized themselves, Pervez Musharraf aforementioned in response to an issue that wasn't ever sympathies with the Taleban, the us ought to facilitate West Pakistan wherever there's a desire

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