Saturday, 27 December 2014

President Obama Appreciated Army

Afghan mission nears finish, Obama praised the troops:
 US-led international organisation mission in Afghanistan are completed with the top of the year.
 international organisation forces in Afghanistan inside many days are came to their home countries. Foreign troops stationed in Hawaii on Dec 25, in his speech praised the extraordinary dedication and sacrifice.
US President Barack Obama and his family presently resides in his home state of Hawaii wherever they're on vacation. Christmas morning when Associate in Nursing exchange of gifts along with his family and his spouse Michelle Obama President Obama late Thursday a military base in Hawaii or the Marine Corps base visits.
Military officers and their families at Christmas that were historically get pleasure from a special dinner President Obama, United States troopers took the mike, exceptional service, thanks and because of the services that the protection of the us Afghanistan i used to be ready to give responsibility to Afghan forces.
The United States president said we quite thirteen years area unit in a very constant battle. Next week we are going to take away our mission in Afghanistan.
Our men and ladies troopers to Afghanistan fantastic chance to possess their own land to create. We're safe currently. currently it doesn't become a supply of terrorist attacks.
NATO mission can endwise day. notwithstanding, the quantity of foreign troops are there to eradicate the Taliban's growing operations engaged in providing support to the Afghan army and police

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