Saturday, 27 December 2014

President Barack Obama Called 'Monkey' By North Korea

Pyongyang: Sony footage film "The interview hacking case of conflict between the United States of America and North Korea worsens and criticize North Korea and net service outages suffered by the President of the Apes is given.
 per foreign agency that North Korea has suspect the United States of America of Sony footage comedy The interview was even by the difficulty of hacking our several media channels have net service. The National Defence Commission of North Korea interviewed declared ineligible and contrary to the facts.
I forever elect Barack Obama's words and deeds ar like monkeys living within the forest. The film from Sony footage could be a results of America's restrictive policy.
That many days past, Sony footage North Korean leader Kim knew they were attending to be a comedy, was hacked to interview the suspect had place the United States of America on North Korea North Korea leveled has powerfully denied the allegations

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