Sunday, 7 December 2014

Permanent ceasefire In Ukrain

Russian President Putin could Ma in capital of the Russian Federation when talks together with his French counterpart expressed hope that Ukraine are a permanent ceasefire agreement .Frans I initial Western leader to President Holland  frnsua in Ukraine earlier this year I visited Russia when the conflict began. Ukraine in tension between the 2 sides had signed a ceasefire in Sep however is continually being profaned. Russia from Western countries owing to restrictions obligatory on them is outrageous. Russia rebels in jap Ukraine on Russia to support sanctions were obligatory thyn.frnsuan Hollande returning from a visit to Kazakh diplomatic capital of the Russian Federation terminus unyukuf President Putin met. Frnssy This meeting wasn't enclosed within the schedule. Between Putin aforementioned his talks to finish the violence in Ukraine was. He said: "This may be a tragic scenario. area unit able to see that folks are still being killed, he said, "but I hope that the war are set presently. we've got elaborate discussions with the French President. 'French President frnsua Hollande urged all parties to parliament in Republic of Belarus town of Belarus to uphold the peace kryn.anhun aforementioned that the role of France problems that get and grow hla from France to Russia with commerce the war to a delay within the delivery of service fleets matter. however national leader aforementioned he expects that France pays back the cash that Russia had given him to shop for Fleet

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