Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pakistan,s Nuclear Weapon Improvement According To U S A

Washington: The US nuclear weapons in Pakistan expressed its deep concern at the rise within the land, extremists and alternative terrorist teams have continued  shelter. consistent with foreign wire service on Elena Rozulhasnain  yank representative told the Senate committee hearing that the militants in Pakistan-Afghan border regions and alternative extremists is providing safe places of refuge. He occupied Islamic State of Afghanistan with Pakistan's intelligence agencies seeking to produce support to the religious movement and also the worst cases are created
 He alleged that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is growing quicker than the planet nuclear assets whereas it's unsafe, he aforesaid the matter is of concern to US. He notably Relexation cupboard minister in  Islamic State of Afghanistan readying by the Pakistan security issues can stay in Afghanistan, he said, with a weak and corrupt government, poor security can't take the country forward in a very positive direction

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