Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New Episode of Star Wars

Star Wars fanboys everyplace showed their excitement online; tweeting, blogging and dissecting the trailer frame by frame.
The whole planet went mental on weekday afternoon once film maker and Lucasfilm gave U.S. a sneak peek of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in an exceedingly teaser trailer.
But few will contend with the sheer dedication of 1 fan, YouTube user Snooperking. The self-taught video editor worked around the clock to recreate a shot-by-shot toy version of the trailer.
He achieved it implausibly quickly too, having uploaded his version simply fourteen hours when the 88-second teaser was free.
"I had nothing to try and do yesterday thus I started once the trailer came out thus I engineered the Falcon, the X-wing, the speed demon bike, a mini TIE fighter, tried to create all the sets, and obtain all my minifigures place along," Snooperking expressed on his Youtube page. "Then simply motion-picture photography took forever, particularly the lighting tricks."
Everything from appearances of Star Wars newcomers John Boyega, flower sea turtle and honour patriarch to the enduring Millennium Falcon's exciting roll is recreated in toy type.

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