Friday, 12 December 2014

Most Search Topics Of Facebook In 2014

Washington: Worldwide Facebook user,s tourney in 2014 and therefore the highest share topics associated with the Ebola virus. the largest social networking web site shares the foremost this year was the globe Cup, the Ebola virus, command in Brazil, Hollywood actor Robin death and to boost funds for analysis Ice Bucket there are variety of challenges to come back.
Facebook free the highest 10 list of the geographical region conflict, Asian nation Airlines, American football game Super Ball, The Ferguson, police killing of associate degree unarmed black protesters in Missouri, together with Sochi Winter Olympic Games. various things in several countries in keeping with Facebook the foremost shares, and therefore the same trend was all over. United States prime viral hemorrhagic fever and ice bucket challenge. Then Robin , super hair, the Ferguson and Missouri ar complaining . The us is hierarchal sixth within the tourney

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