Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Misbehave In Flight


Thailand's airline passengers within the craft throughout the flight delay his girlfriend to fulfill the new water and therefore the food was thrown to the bottom in anger
The crewman threw a glass of heat water and therefore the ship began to threaten to extend the plane had associate degree aircraft landing.
The Thai Air Asia as China's plane flight faraway from Krung Thep aerodrome a traveler within the crew asked for water for his girlfriend
He was told that it'd got to stay up for predicament on the traveler angrily threw down the food came
But that failed to finish once the crewman a pair of greenbacks with predicament bill if the traveler was during a rage,
He jumped into the traveler's ladyfriend fights associate degreed throwing the new water poured on glass ship crew followed the girl and demanded an apology to the passenger any disagree, oral communication they'd extend the plane Sensing the gravity of things .pilot the plane was turning back to Krung Thep aerodrome,
Watching traveler plane goes back and his ladyfriend were angry once I disagree that the girl started punching the windows of the plane, however the plane land aerodrome. when investigation authorities punished not solely passengers however additionally to penalize the suckling Flight Attendants additionally ordered to pay $ 1500

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