Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Makkah, Continues To Expand

Makkah: House continues to expand, growth method and therefore the recitation of the decision worshipers to succeed in four,000 luwnd speaker management facility, 21,000 bulbs, electrical fans 3640 450 electronic watches spoken within the world I pay time in numerous languages, anytime the pc starts, the pilgrims and Umrah guests from the world facility ar set in numerous places, whereas nine massive tower is ninety meters long whose minarets calculable fourteen search lights every light source twenty bulbs ar extraordinarily serious and powerful, Power 13,500 watts every bulb, details are told that the home is set within the middle layer growth on the RA method and therefore the day once installations has been doing this machine-controlled system integrated manner elsewhere on the world isn't put in, as is that the house of God in Mecca, the administration same within the house be complete renovation and different attainable growth equally, within the Prophet's musjid is that the very same for the protection management has been, and continues to expand within the House this last step is that the completion of the approach

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