Saturday, 20 December 2014

Living in more depth the fish

New York: the foremost in-depth record fish came out. Scientists have created a bizarrely 8145 meters below the waves of the image is taken nearly a kilometre below the previous record. in keeping with reports, the sort of camera that has footage of assorted fish species, together with massive crustaceans, that is termed sprduyuqamt. Trync living within the depths of the Mariana photos taken between international campaign.
Living in additional depth the fish came out of the new record
The Mariana Trench within the Pacific trync and set at a depth of eleven kilometer on top of water level . smt the campaign for Ocean analysis Vessel falkur been traveling the globe for thirty days, the Mariana Trench out and away the foremost comprehensive survey of trync being same.
Hadley system Studies  team of 5 thousand meters full while not the 10600 person take the steps ninety times. The layers of the Davy Jones's locker and walls is studied. United States of America Air University sayndan trync same Dr. Jeff dryzn several studies are supported "all studies major from the attitude of ecology were restricted. it had been a bit like a mountain system learn solely be seen on prime of it

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