Monday, 8 December 2014

How Many Rooms in Turkish President Residence ?

ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan corrected media reports yesterday that their new palace of one thousand rooms area unit spacious and 1150 the quantity of rooms has its origins. Erdogan in urban center, told a gathering of business once it involves the dignity of the individuals you'll be able to not do, I ought to tell you that the area isn't a minimum of 1150, 1000, as they assert, hyn.sdarty palace was inbuilt the outskirts of the capital Turkish capital and value about 490 million euros, it's contact a locality of two million sq. meters, that is thirty times larger than the dimensions of the White House, and even France the Palace is larger than ursylys. Erdogan, WHO for over a decade in August, served as prime minister once forward the workplace of the presidency of Turkey, we wish to figure additional on the long run generations can say that it the placement wherever the Turkish leadership. The opposition has criticized the Brobdingnagian palace building, it says that this shows that Erdogan has been forced by the rule. Erdogan aforesaid that this is often not my house, it's not personalty, owned  by the general public to go to hy.mhl Francis last month was the primary foreign person, once his visit last week, Russian President Putin What

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