Monday, 22 December 2014

Have Ability To Attack On U S A

Seoul: Korean Peninsula has vulnerable that they'll combat against the u.  s.. The alleged threat by United States President Obama to Pyongyang in idle allegations of cyber attacks were.
 North Korea's National Defense Commission issued an announcement warning that the United States attack on the White House, the Pentagon is also within the United States yet. National Defense Commission issued a long statement by Pyongyang, a movie that is sensitive to the Korean leader kim Zhang's set up was to kill them.
 Asian nation suspect the u.  s. of prsaybr attacks that area unit similar for the United States terrorist attacks. President Obama, World Health Organization has secure to reply to Korean Peninsula to review the problem is whether or not Korean Peninsula is absolutely concerned. However, he same in Associate in Nursing interview by United States attack won't be a war. North Korea's National Defense Commission Chairman area unit Korean leader Kim.
Commission warns that twelve thousand troopers of the Korean army to war against the u.  s. is ready each approach. Korean Peninsula has conjointly planned a joint investigation Korean Peninsula is aware of the way to prove that he's not concerned in cyber attacks. the start of the fifties within the u.  s. and Asian nation fought a war for 3 years.
Here, too, area unit at war with one another. 38 thousand United States troops in Republic of Korea area unit unbroken aboard any threat from Asian nation may

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