Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Great Effort to Stop Fake use of Internet

In 2014, the FIA has caught plenty of individuals United Nations agency were hacked that account was hacked U then the complete websites. To bring these criminals to the law, the FIA is active, and hard legal persons coming back Action.
The purpose of any reasonably crime victims straightforward manner is to facilitate filing his criticism.
FIA Cyber Crime has launched SMS Alert Service.
Federal Investigation Agency  against cyber crime across the country to launch SMS alert service is meant. facilitate the victims of cyber attacks from the connected internet site or any of the main points regarding the cluster description Cyber Crime Department will send via SMS.
"6000" is that the variety wherever it'll be sent the main points. The FIA by " email protected " to line up Associate in Nursing e mail criticism is sealed.
According to FIA e mail,s exploitation social media and cyber criminals to commit crimes. This account is hacked or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and different social networks square measure pretend account. Agencies awareness of the varied academies, faculties and universities square measure going.

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