Monday, 29 December 2014

Gas pipeline unsuccessful, Iran forgave the penalty

Karachi: gas pipeline project just in case of failure in Asian country to Iran of any kind won't pay any penalty.
 British newspaper money Times, Iran and Asian country, a brand new understanding settled in line with that iran entails withdrawal has been and Iran to accumulate failure to Asian country in Jan 2015 monthly 2 hundred million was punished North American country $.
He aforesaid the newspaper of Asian country rock oil Minister claimed that Iran, in line with a brand new understanding. Hereafter Jan won't apply any penalty.
 in line with the newspaper Iran gas pipeline project delayed, incomplete or unfinished underneath the conditions set down within the agreement to Asian country since Jan 2015, Iran had to pay the fine.
Pakistan has additionally persuade Iran's South Pars gas field gas from Iran to hunt redress in national capital failure as a society don't pay $ two hundred million per month

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