Thursday, 11 December 2014

Facebook C E O Talk to Apple C E O

The Apple CEO hit out at the revenue models of rivals like Google and Facebook earlier this year, stating that Apple doesn't sell personal user knowledge to advertisers.
"A frustration I actually have is that lots of individuals progressivelyd more appear to equate an advertising business model with somehow being out of alignment along with your customers. i feel it is the most ridiculous idea.

"What, you think that as a result of you are paying Apple that you are somehow in alignment with them?

"When a web service is free, you are not the client. you are the product. however at Apple, we have a tendency to believe a good client expertise should not come back at the expense of your privacy," Tim Cook aforementioned in Sept.

Despite antecedently delcaring his respect for Cook as a pacesetter, the 30-year-old have felt compelled to hit back at the Apple boss during a recent interview with Time.
"If you were in alignment with them, then they'd create their merchandise lots cheaper!"

Zuckberg was additionally asked regarding rising rivals, like Ello, that use the paid choice rather than ads.

"Our mission is to attach one and all within the world. you do not try this by having a service individuals procure," he responded.

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