Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Changing,s in Ministry of Saudia Aribia

The new appointments are created within the ministries of the Ministry of Moslem Affairs umaasrty, transport, communication ufny info, education, agriculture, health, culture and media ar enclosed
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has reshuffled his cupboard at massive, he modified six ministers and 9 new ministers appointed, a royal decree letter Dr. Mahomet alaza the Health Minister, Abdul Khadir and engineer son alkrjy appointed Minister of culture, Ministry of Agriculture has given portfolio, as well as new developments within the ministries, appointments or new appointments are created, the Ministry of Moslem and social Affairs, Transport, communications and technical info, education, agriculture, health, culture and media, as well as the royal decree Director General of Civil Defence Major General Suleiman bin Abdullah Omari has been promoted to the rank of general officer, Department of peace, the overall Director Osman Nasir almhrj conjointly promoted Major General general officer has been created, in step with the royal decree acceptive the resignation of the Minister for Social amurdaktr Joseph'Uthyameen their place Hamid Suleiman was appointed minister of social affairs, Dr. fhd balgnym's resignation whereas the engineer Walid their portfolios is alkryjy Ministry of Agriculture, Engineer Abdullah almqbl Transport Minister Dr. jbarh alsrysry is about to exchange the jbarh resigned himself had requested, Dr info Minister Abdul Aziz is about to Khudayri, Dr. Khalid alsbty Dr. Khalid alanqry area has been given the ministry of upper Education Dr. alanqry asked to resign from his post, engineer Mahomet Jamil Ahmed received the Minister of Communications and technical info has resigned and his ministry portfolio is appointed to the fhad praise, Dr. Sellman father Khaili Minister Saleh al-Sheikh is about amuraslamyh place, the Ministry of Health Dr. Mahomet Al hyaza is portfolios, Dr. Essam bin Saeed has been appointed head of the cupboard knowledgeable Council, are adequate to the rank of minister.

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