Thursday, 18 December 2014

Battle for management of the Syrian base of operations

Damascus. Al Arabiya: Syria's northwestern province of Idlib region set within the natural depression Alzaif Asadi jihadists and also the military occupation for the past 2 days, 100 individuals were killed within the fighting.
Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported  on Tues that the al-Qaeda-linked cluster Alzaif fighting front and also the fighters square measure a minimum of 100 Syrian troopers were killed. January front on Mon when a fierce battle with Syrian occupation claimed the Alzaif base.
This military base within the northern town of urban center and also the south is found on the most main road linking the capital national capital. Syrian military occupation at the bottom of the rebel cluster has not discharged any statements. However, Syria's official wire service national capital claimed that the military in Idlib province of '' terrorists' were killed.
The Syrian government and also the media are giving the rebels as terrorists. Syrian rebel cluster containing conservative fighters ahraralsam alhamdyh set in Idlib Syrian base was occupied. January front of Idlib on weekday discharged an announcement on his Twitter account that the fighters Alzaif natural depression mines within the space square measure clean.
JAN front and different militant teams within the occupied areas of Idlib province of Idlib town whereas there's still retain management of the military. Qrmyd a military base on the outskirts of management of the military.
  Idlib province close to the town of al-Nu'man mara 2 military bases within the alzyf and alhamdyh Syrian Army may be a Brobdingnagian blow. 2 years earlier, the Syrian army had maintained their hold on the 2 bases and also the rebel fighters had repulsed attacks

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